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About Laurel
Laurel started dancing in 1974. Her young love of movement blossomed into a full and successful career as a professional dancer / model based in Los Angeles. Her dance took her to exotic places around the globe, sparking her remembrance and deepening her love and commitment for the people and the land...
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Spirit Dance
Spirit Dance is a ritually held container that weaves intention, prayer, yoga, sound, dance and storytelling.

Educational, emotional and physical support for mother, baby and father during the labor and birth experience.

Facilitation of Marriage, Blessing Way (Welcoming the Mother into the Mother Mysteries), Placenta Planting, Womb Blessing, Rights of Passage and Transition ceremonies. Also available: consultation for performing your own rituals.

Birth & Mother Blood Wisdom Classes
Through discussion and practical application we focus on the health of the family system and how to support optimal development biologically, emotionally and socially. Mother Blood Wisdom classes focus on the reclaiming of nature within a woman’s body, restoring her to her greatest power and beauty.

Tipi Moon Lodge Project
Become a part of a network of women across the Nation by creating a Moon Lodge in your own community. Receive support and inspiration, have questions answered, dream our deepest beauty into existence for yourself, your circle of women and your whole community. Dream big for our time is here.

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