Ceremony - Facilitation of Marriage, Blessing Way, Rights of Passage and Transitions ceremonies.


I am available for facilitation and also consultation for those interested in creating their own rituals.

Blessing Way Ceremony
A Blessing Way ceremony can be done in exchange of a baby shower. It's a ritually based ceremony that welcomes the new mother into the Mother Mysteries.

Placenta Planting Ritual
Many indigenous people bury the placenta after birth in clay pots and plant a tree on top. When a tree is planted this becomes a holy place where the child can return throughout their life feeling their roots and connection to the earth.

Transitioning Life Consultations and Ceremonies
Consciously supporting loved ones in their last days and after they transition to the other side.

Rights of Passage Ceremonies
Community/Family welcoming ceremony for younger sister entering into her womanhood/first menses. Weekend initiation ritual for young woman—with a community ceremony on Sunday.

Marriage Ceremony
Click here to learn more about Marriage Ceremonies.

This ceremony is for those who have had hysterectomies or any woman who has had a trauma to the womb and has not had a proper honoring of this sacred space.

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