Classes - From preconception through adulthood


At the present time we have two different models of reality simultaneously occurring around preconception through adulthood. The common theme is that everyone's intention is to do the best and right thing.

We will discuss both of these models and then focus on the health of the family system and how to support optimal development biologically, emotionally and socially.

We are at a time when more information than ever before is available. We are also seeing that all of this information is taking us back to the natural imperative and to the wisdom that many of the indigenous peoples have always known.

We can now begin integrating this knowledge, whether from the perspective of the first people or that of cutting edge research, into the cultural consciousness of the West.

Entering the Gateway of Birth
This is a personal class brought to your home. It is designed to support those who are thinking about becoming parents, those who are already pregnant or parents of any age who want to continue to develop their knowledge base around birth and navigating our current birth culture.

Being Born — Paterns & Imprints
Our deepest relationship to ourselves and others was set in motion and effected by the way in which our ancestral material was passed down, how we were conceived, what stressors our mothers went through during our gestation, how we were birthed and how life was reflected to us in our early years.

Without appropriate support for mother, together with chronic stress, breaks in natural sequencing around birth through interventions, these imprints continue to play themselves out into our adult lives. Our nervous system organizes around these early times and influences our choices around transitions and our own ability to handle stress.

Out of these experiences our perceptions and beliefs about the world and our relationships in it are formed. They are continually re-capitulated in our lives played out over and over.

n this class we will examine how the patterns set at birth shape personality and how one navigates their deepest intimacy in relationship to the outside world.

The Beauty Way is when we are in alignment with our inner nature.
Our inner nature's blue print reflects that of the nature on the outside when it is in a state of health and balance. When we speak, see, listen for, reflect back what is good and beautiful on the inside of us and on the outside of us, we are living life in a Beauty Way.

This is a healing journey. Come one, come all whether you are bleeding or holding your blood. If you have not lived fully into the blood of your life, if your womb is intact or not, please join with the sisterhood to sit around the fire, to reclaim what was taken long before any of us can remember. The Great Blood Mother has returned to restore the hearts, wombs and minds of her daughters. The wisdom threads of our ways have been stored in the memories of the earth and are being released once again, to be remembered by those whose time has come to awaken to their full power and beauty.

Take courage we are now needed to remember our ways. Come let us stand together and help hold each other up as we face what there is to face, as we birth ourselves anew and a Humanity that cares for life in a Beauty Way.

Women are the ecosystems of humanity and the holders of the Earth Lodge. The time is here to restore the knowledge of our blood and the 5 gateway passages that the blood governs, along with the resacraliziation of our sexuality. For balance to be restored within the world it must be restored within our own bodies. The Great Mother, the Grandmothers and our future generations are calling us forth now to take our place upon the Beauty Bridge, that we are to build into the New World of the Golden Age.

This two day class is designed for each woman to reclaim the power and beauty of her own blood and the woman wisdom that was lost long ago in the shadows of the modern age.

Topics covered:

  • What the 5 gateway passages are and how they are connected to the blood. *What the Earth Lodge is.
  • Discover why our mother blood is so special and how it is different from our regular blood.
  • What is happening with our biology and energy flows through out our monthly cycles.
  • Look at why it is important to slow down during our bleeding times.
  • Examine how our blood is connected to our health and what we are manifesting in the world.
  • Our blood and its relationship to our Ancestors. *How our blood is connected to our sexuality.
  • Discover how being in right relationship with our blood supports our connection to our babies in utero, at the beginning of our babies lives and our menopausal years.
  • Review where we have been, where we are and where we need to be.
  • Discover what the Holy Trinity is within a woman's body.
  • Spiritual and esoteric teachings around the blood.
  • Beauty Practices connected to the blood.
  • How to be a part of building a Beauty Bridge.

Recovering Women's Blood Wisdom for the resurrection of Humanity, as stewards of a balanced and sustainable world.

Become a part of a network of women across the Nation by creating a Moon Lodge in your own community. Receive support and inspiration, have questions answered, dream your deepest beauty into existence for yourself, your circle of women and your community. Dream big for our time is here.

Coming Soon...

A three-year program meeting one weekend a month with a special ceremony at the completion of each year with the opportunity to renew one's commitment to one's self and to the other women within the program. This program brings together younger initiated sisters with elder sisters to build a beauty bridge of support and inspiration. The three-year program is designed to be a time of deepening into the knowledge and wisdom of what it means to walk the Beauty Way as a woman who changes the world by her mere existence.

Elder Sister's from communities around the country and globe are encouraged to visit and participate and start their own initiation and mentorship programs in their area.

It is time for the younger and elder sisters to find each other again on the sacred hoop of life. We need each other to build a bridge based on our strengths and talents connected to the natural laws of earth wisdom. Our time has come and it is we together who are to build the New World. A world that mirrors the harmony and connection of a natural healthy eco-system in all areas of life. Women are the ecosystems of humanity. When we are living our deepest truths and supporting others in theirs, life suddenly looks and feels pretty wonderful. This is our birthright and it is ours to claim and ours to live.

Topics Covered in Mentorship program:

  • The teachings of Mother Nature's Laws based on the Sacred Hoop of Life.
  • Understanding ones own woman body and building a healthy loving relationship with it.
  • The study of Menstrual Wisdom-receiving vision wisdom for self and community. Childbirth Wisdom the way Nature intended to understand ourselves and our world.
  • Honoring the gateway passages of ones life. (Being Born, 1st Menses, Birth of babies or projects, menopause & death)
  • The calling forth of one's natural talents and interests and finding creative ways to express them in a supportive environment.
  • Guest Speakers from Elder Super Shero Sisters on topics of interest for the particular group of younger sisters who are in training.
  • The building and the honoring of personal boundaries and clear communication. Creative projects that are done at home to bring to weekend sessions.
  • Alter Building and creating a sacred space for younger sisters to vision and dream a good life for themselves, their families and communities.
  • Inter personal skills for how to have happy healthy relationships in one's life.
  • Animal Wisdom - Animals are our friends and allies and each has special medicine and teachings to offer.
  • Plant Wisdom - Looking at our relationship to the natural world and cultivating our personal relations with it.
  • The importance of healthy family and community and the support needed and given as we travel down the road of life together.

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